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There is unique offer at our club - JDM Lexus ad brochures. All models are avaliable, since iit was launched in Japan till 2012.
Good day! Today I bring to your attention a collection of ad brochures of Toyota sport cars
Today on Japan Classic: most complete collection of Toyota Corona and Carina ad brochures.
Virtual Museum of Mitsubishi Motors was established in 2010 and is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
As promised in the previous post, we begin to fill in the gaps in ad brochures of Toyota. Today in the program Mark II, Chaser and Cresta, from c Corona Mark II T60 1968 and ending X110 2000s.
This release will start with hot stuff:
This week...
The first post of our new section "Interesting in the network" dedicated to Toyota virtual museum. This project was made by Toyota in honor of its 75th anniversary and is available at:
Good day to everyone! Meet ad brochures update:
Dedicated to all jeepers. 60 years of Toyota Land Cruizer history on one picture. From the firstborn of Toyota Jeep to modern TLC200.
Bring to your attention the most incredible dashboards, which have ever met in the cars.
The site is growing, collection updated. So, meet another batch of 400 advertising catalogs of Japanese cars. Currently available for about 3000 advertising brochures. Of recent:...
​Have a nice day everyone! Today on our site a major complement to the collection of advertising catalogs, added more than 150 catalogs of the following models...
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